101 Good Reasons to Believe

101 Good Reasons to Believe

Author: James D. Sideras

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781973609964

Category: Religion

Page: 236

View: 587

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This book presents a strong case for the Christian faith by using scientific evidence and philosophical reasoning. Although an abundance of Christian apologetic textbooks exist, most are not easily accessible because they offer long and scholarly treatments of subject matter that may not appeal to lay readers. This book differs in two ways. First, it presents the case for Christianity in a friendly scholarly prose, which enables readers to plainly understand each reason to believe. Second, these reasons are concisely structured so that within minutes, readers can quickly examine each argument in light of the evidence presented. 101 Good Reasons to Believe is essential reading for theists who wish to strengthen their faith in God and for nontheists who desire to critically investigate the truth claims of the Bible. This book includes topics such as: astronomical evidence for the existence of God, evidence for creation and intelligent design, refutation of Darwinian evolution, the historicity of Jesus, why there is human suffering if God exists, the accuracy of the Bible, and evidence for heaven and hell. The 101 reasons presented make thought-provoking and compelling reading for scholars and non-scholars alike.