A John Severin Western Album: Volume 1

A John Severin Western Album: Volume 1

Author: Gwandanaland Comics


ISBN: 9798729436668


Page: 233

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John Severin (1921-2012) career in comics spanned well over a half century, included iconic characters and most of the largest comic publishers. While other artists might be more readily applauded, few worked on the variety of comic genres and with such consistent high-quality as Severin. When it comes to the gritty war/battle comics and the western adventure, Severin is one of the first names to be mentioned, because that is where he became an accomplished master. Severin eschewed the highly-stylized and exaggerated figures know to other artists and presented a more realistic and detailed scene. Justifiably, his work is celebrated by readers and fans today. This first collection from Gwandanaland Comics reprints early western work from Prize Comics Western #72-87 (November 1948 - June 1951). He was a regular artist on the Lazo Kid and Black Bull series, and beginning in Issue #85 was creator (or co-creator with an unknown writer) of the American Eagle western hero. The pages in this collection come from comics which are aged; we make them as attractive as possible, but they are weathered. We hope you will enjoy their imperfect authenticity. PUBLISHED BY GWANDANALAND COMICS P.O. BOX 45 COPPER CITY MI 49917 906-281-3908 TO GET OUR LATEST CATALOG AND GUIDEBOOK WRITE TO [email protected] LOOK FOR US ON FACEBOOK (Gwandanaland Comics) Looking for some Gwandanaland conversation, news, updates, and information? Check out the reader-operated Facebook page: FOG Fans of Gwandanaland Comics IT IS THE BEST SOURCE FOR THE LATEST.... EVERYTHING! Gwandanaland Comics(TM) is dedicated to the concepts, spirit, and the laws which govern copyright and the public domain. We are committed to publishing only those comics which are verified to be public domain. We take great strides and efforts to ensure that our books are legal and ethical. If you have any questions about any book or our process, please write to us at [email protected] Thank you.