A Killer's Coda

A Killer's Coda

Author: Mark T. Conard

Publisher: Down & Out Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 272

View: 226

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Henry Blackwell assists the Philadelphia police with psychological profiles of dangerous criminals, but Blackwell’s own wife was brutally murdered, and the crime went unsolved. Since her death, Blackwell has gone on a bender and suffers periodic blackouts. Detectives Jimmy Slomann and Dave Busch investigate the deaths of several young women whose killings resemble that of Blackwell’s wife. Blackwell had been acquainted with all the victims and is convinced that the killer has struck again. Up-and-coming reporter Michele Stone investigates the tragic story of Blackwell and his wife’s unsolved murder. The reporter shows a personal interest in Blackwell, and he wonders if she’s just using him to get the scoop. Slomann and Busch note the correspondence between Blackwell’s drinking binges and the murders and wonder if he’s involved. Convinced that the killer is taking revenge on him from some reason, Blackwell’s drinking worsens, and he starts to come unhinged. Blackwell, the detectives, the reporter, and a mysterious stranger who’s been following Blackwell, are all on a collision course in this noir tale of murder and retribution.