The Roman Empire

The Roman Empire

Author: History Hour


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There are, to be sure, hundreds if not thousands of books on the Roman Empire. A book on every emperor, a book on every century, a book on every battle or assassination, a book on every meal enjoyed by every despotic Caesar. The Roman Empire has been the subject of countless tomes and innumerable movies. Why, then, should you take another look?Because--to be blunt--the books tend to be bloated and the movies interminable. A quick scan of the particulars reveals that books on the Roman Empire are undeniably plentiful--and undeniably long. Before a reader has gotten much past Romulus and Remus, the very length of the book becomes a distraction. The reader is only a few pages into the history and already dreading the monumental amount of time that will be required to finish it. The book is set aside in frustration.The Roman Empire: The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire lets you avoid all of that. Instead of snooze-inducing, micro-detailed accounts of what Hannibal's rear guard soldiers had for lunch two days before leaving Carthage for Italy, you'll get only the pertinent details of the Roman Empire's existence. No extraneous details, no bloat. This is history as it's meant to be written: factual, concise, informative, and entertaining.Unlike the ancient world of Rome, the modern world moves very fast. Your time is valuable, as is your interest in the world around you. The Roman Empire: The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire allows you to satisfy both needs. Accessibly written and easily digestible in small bites, you'll get your fill of the Roman Empire's smorgasbord of characters and events.You already know, if vaguely, some of the characters: Julius Caesar, Nero, Constantine. Prepare to meet many morePrepare to be surprised. History is seldom predictable, and no history is less predictable than that of the Roman Empire.