Ah Couldnae Believe Ma Ears!

Ah Couldnae Believe Ma Ears!

Author: Allan Morrison

Publisher: Hachette Books Scotland

ISBN: 0755319494

Category: English wit and humour

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'She always had high hopes for him. Did he manage to graduate after his resits?' 'Him?! He's thick. Would be as useless as a lifeguard in a carwash.' This is a classic collection of the best humour that Scotland has to offer - off-the-cuff and straight from the street. Packed full of wit and verbal gags, you won't even believe most of them. Bestselling author Allan Morrison has spent months surreptitiously eavesdropping and collating over 500 of the best one-liners to produce this incredible collection, an ideal stocking filler to help you chuckle Christmas away. 'When's the next bus then, dearie?' 'Oh, not for an hour.' 'Ach, it'll not take me long to wait for that.'