Alien Superpowers Of the Multiverses

Alien Superpowers Of the Multiverses

Author: Jamuel O Perez


ISBN: 9781365587405

Category: Fiction

Page: 100

View: 612

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From Illustrator, Writer, author, and artist Jamuel O Perez comes A Science Fiction 15 years in the making.The first installment: "Version One" Of Alien Superpowers Of the Multiverses, features a Portfolio of stunning science fiction detailed backgrounds from gargantuan space stations/spacedocks, Future Hypercities, Alien cities, Alien Galactic coalition Dysonspheres, covering a red Giant Star, and to Earth's Neo-Zero Order's Moon sized Mech War Carrier Fighting Superfortress. Where the author creates a universe in fully painted background illustrations then story written revolving around humanity's transcendence as Keepers and the Noble guardians/defenders of peace of the galaxy. A Glorified proud race that lives in Utopia where advancement, growth driven, empowerment, betterment, and appreciative of infinite diversities becomes humanity's prime directive.Only to discover overwhelming odds fighting advanced alien savages leading to an Opera of Spacewars to come.