The Spanish Helmet

The Spanish Helmet

Author: Greg Scowen

Publisher: Greg Scowen

ISBN: 9781463558482

Category: Fiction

Page: 365

View: 316

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A phone call between two friends unleashes a series of events which threaten to shatter New Zealand's officially accepted history. Dr. Matthew Cameron travels to New Zealand to investigate a remarkable archaeological discovery. As he follows a trail of clues scattered throughout the country, Matt is thrust into the role of student and learns about trust, love and deception. But can he succeed in revising a nation's history when the Government will stop at nothing to hide the truth? Five centuries earlier, Francisco de Hoces is lost in the Pacific Ocean after his ship is separated from the rest of his fleet. Fate shipwrecks the San Lesmes on beautiful and mysterious shores. Can he and his crew survive amongst the natives in this extraordinary land? The Spanish Helmet weaves together the stories of two men whose destinies are set to collide. When they do, the explosive aftermath will change New Zealand's history forever. Greg Scowen's debut novel is a plot-driven tale of a modern-day treasure hunt and a meticulously researched conspiracy thriller which carefully blends fact and fiction.