Cats Are Jerks

Cats Are Jerks

Author: Kerri Wood Thomson

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1539757897


Page: 34

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Cats Are Jerks. They have been for thousands of years, barfing hairballs on marble floors and in sod huts, and waking your ancestors up at 3:00am. Cats will continue to be jerks for all eternity, but now you can color your stress and cat-hate away.Fun things to do with your copy of Cats Are Jerks: -Color and tape a drawing above your cat's food dish. -Plaster your cat-loving coworker's cubicle with your art work. -Frame each page and nail them on the ceiling above your bed. -Leave random colored cat pages in public places. -Donate 10,000 Cats Are Jerks books to your local animal shelter.