Clyde, the Elf That Santa Fired

Clyde, the Elf That Santa Fired

Author: Bryson

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781418437367

Category: Fiction

Page: 365

View: 389

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Before they got him, Clyde performed an act so heroic it won the admiration of man and beast, and even charmed the angels... Set in the Great Smoky Mountains, O. J. Bryson's gift-book novel Clyde, the Elf That Santa Fired is a heartwarming tale for the entire family (ages twelve through adult). At the heart of the story is Favorite, a little girl who has been terribly wronged. Her parents, both attorneys, die in a suspicious plane crash. Their law partner, Charlie Striker, is suspected, but not charged. Striker takes over the firm, moves himself into their mansion, and sticks Favorite in an orphanage in the poorest part of town, hoping she'll catch pneumonia and die. Favorite has no one to take her side. Until... Along comes Clyde! (Heaven help her!) Santa's elves have the measles, so Santa has hired Clyde to help deliver the toys. Clyde, a carefree but loveable prankster, could not care less about children. Besides, he has troubles of his own-the Capture Team from where he used to live is hot on his trail. Right off the bat one of Clyde's pranks goes awry, embarrassing Santa and leaving Favorite heartbroken. Weighed down with shame, and aching for a chance to make things right, Clyde later learns that Favorite is "sick unto death"-her enemies have done their worst. Clyde, alone, has the cure. To save the child, he will have to run the race of his life. But first he must escape. Tonight, he will make the death jump! a dynamite story with child-giggling explosions at every turn. The happiest of all sad endings.