Crystals: A Complete Guide to Crystals and Healing Stones (Increase Energy and Heal the Human Energy Field With Crystals and Healing Stones)

Crystals: A Complete Guide to Crystals and Healing Stones (Increase Energy and Heal the Human Energy Field With Crystals and Healing Stones)

Author: Shandi Drake

Publisher: Shandi Drake

ISBN: 9791220875264

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 79

View: 282

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Crystals are a beautiful gift of nature that isn’t just stunning to behold but can benefit your body, spirit, and mind in various ways. Crystals come in various shapes, colors, and textures, each with its unique purpose and energy which determines its use. Some crystals are combined to get hold of a particular energy. This book helps you understand crystals better, as it teaches you how to choose which crystal to use, how to use them for enhancing spirituality, healing, energy fields, and balancing chakras. The facts will cover: • The origin of crystals • The healing properties of crystals • Crystals from a-z • How to chose your crystals • Chakras and auras • How to create a crystal grid • How to set intentions • And much, much more! Crystals and stones are gaining popularity as accent pieces that provide an earthy touch to home decor. There’s also an increased interest in using crystals for more esoteric purposes. Cultures around the world have used crystals in healing and meditation practices for thousands of years. But do crystals possess healing powers?
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Crystals and Stones: A Complete Guide to Their Healing Properties helps readers to incorporate the healing power of stones into daily life. Aimed at both beginners and experts, the book showcases nearly 200 crystals and stones, describing their impact on human beings' physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states. The book
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A complete guide to collecting and using crystals, covering their meaning, physical characteristics, and healing properties. Crystals divides the earth's most significant minerals into twenty color bands and explores the meaning and healing qualities of each color ray alongside the properties of the stones. A beautiful crystal color directory and
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Ready to create positive change in your life? Discover the power of crystals to heal mind, body, and spirit. Whether you're working through grief or holding onto grudges, seeking love or increasing gratitude, Crystals for Healing offers the basics for beginners to explore the deep connection between mind, body, and
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Stones speak with their silence as if these were the witnesses of our universe. They seem beings motionless and silent, but it isn’t true. Inside them is the secular momentum that has the universe: the eternal presence of the Supreme Being. Every stone is an expression of love. None can
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The Power of Crystal Healing will focus primarily on practical application of stones as a source of healing for afflictions ranging from fatigue to high blood pressure. Uma Silbey, applying her 40 years of experience, presents proven crystal and stone techniques that work to heal the body, mind, emotions, and