Card Tricks - A Practical Treatise on Conjuring with Cards

Card Tricks - A Practical Treatise on Conjuring with Cards

Author: Ellis Stanyon


ISBN: 9780359073306

Category: Games & Activities

Page: 132

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From the PREFACE. TRICKS with cards are ever popular, and are within the reach of every one who cares to devote a little time to the study of sleight of hand. Who has not watched in speechless wonderment, and longed to emulate the nimble-fingered professor IS he takes the cards in his hand and causes them to pass thence, invisibly, along his sleeve and finally alight on his white shirt front; or as he throws a card some twenty feet in the air, at an angle of 45 degrees, and causes it to return to his hand, which, during the flight of the card, has seized a pair of scissors with which the card is now severed in twain? Much that is new appertaining to conjuring with cards has appeared of late years, which, together with a number of simple tricks of sufficient interest to keep the neophyte engrossed in the early stages of his career, it will be the province of the author in the following pages to reveal.