Cries in the Desert

Cries in the Desert

Author: Jo Ann Bender


ISBN: 1410765636

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

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When you read these poems, hopefully you will pause, reflect and ponder the words. Each poem has a message that is worthwhile for consideration by every person. The intention is to stir, arouse thinking and actions for all Americans. The poems are also intended to renew our patriotism and family values. And to remember certain events and contributions of special people, plus review our personality and everyday living. Some are a sad commentary on our society and actions. This is a great country and all should be proud for what it stands for and to remain free great sacrifices are demanded. Most in our society have a tendency to be short sighted, not able or willing to see through all that is happening to realize that virtually every generation is called upon for sacrifice. We must be aware that our nation and world is changing at a fast pace and past actions