Crochet For Beginners

Crochet For Beginners

Author: Alexia Cassie

Publisher: Alexia Cassie


Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 167

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Do you want to learn crocheting in an easy way with pictures, illustrations and patterns? Are you ready to discover how to crochet without all the frustrations? Well, just keep reading and all will be clearer to you! Many people think that crocheting is something that only older people do, but they are wrong! Crocheting is becoming famous again among many young people. Using this popular needlecraft, you can create amazing fashion and home décor projects such as tops, hats, ponchos, scarves, amigurumi patterns, afghans, doilies, tablecloths and bedspreads as well as adorable items for adults and babies. Crocheting is a wonderful hobby that is really gratifying and useful. There are endless numbers of projects you can make with crochet. The best thing about it, is that your creations can be useful at home or also as gifts! The hardest part is reading the patterns and graphs used to make these great things. So, it could be a little confusing and challenging if you approach for the very first time at this marvellous hobby without the right advices. BUT DON’T WORRY: Author Alexia Cassie learned to crochet and knit at her grandmother’s feet and she has started crochet circles in just about every city she’s lived in. Now Cassie is sharing all of her grandmother's secrets with you. In “Crochet For Beginners: Illustrated Guide to Master Crochet Stitches, Make Spectacular Amigurumi Patterns and Crochet Afghans in Just Few Days”, Cassie walks you through NEW needlepoint techniques step-by-step. Forget complicated explanations and confusing terminology! They are replaced by beautiful, easy-to-follow visuals. Cassie's smart system can take you from beginner level all the way up through more complex projects like crocheting afghans. In no time, you'll feel more comfortable with this relaxing, artistic, and satisfying process. So, don’t worry if you have never tried to crochet before: the clear and easy to follow illustrations and pictures here will help you get started in just few days. Inside this book, you’ll discover: · A comprehensive glossary of those tricky crochet terms that scare most people. · The specific hooks to purchase for your projects. · How to make cute amigurumi patterns in the simplest way without struggling. · How to come up with your first crochet pattern project idea easily, also if you are a complete beginner. · The newest needlepoints techniques that nobody teaches you. · 24 tips and tricks to make crochet easier for you. · And much, much more! So, no matter if you are just a beginner or if you already have some experience in crochet, you will learn some new things from this book and you will definitely improve your crochet skills once you go through this book and practice all the presented steps. If you like your crochet instructions packed full of tutorials, diagrams, and photos, then you’ll love Cassie’s landmark book. It's time to unleash your creativity and transform your projects in reality! What are you waiting for? Scroll to the top and click Buy Now in 1-Click or Buy Now and become a crochet master!