Dangerous Secrets at SPRING VALE MANOR

Dangerous Secrets at SPRING VALE MANOR

Author: Margaret J. Carr

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9798733470740

Category: Fiction

Page: 167

View: 266

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Dangerous Secrets at SPRING VALE MANOR by Margaret J Carr An overnight success makes one young rapper very rich. His single mother has spent her life scrimping and working long hours and exhausting days to stay in their rented tenement flat and bring up her child. Now he can afford it, he decides to give her the sort of place she has always dreamed of, a large, modern ‘pile’ in the country. With the help of his manager he buys a piece of land, on the edge of marchland, close to a rural village and commissions the building of his mother’s dream home with landscape gardens, a tennis court, a swimming pool and, at the centre of the elegant driveway, a large ornate fountain. Once completed he drives his mother to see her new home only to find she hates it, everything, the size, stuck out in the middle of nowhere and wouldn’t live there in a million years. However when fate steps in and the young rapper’s fortunes change overnight, he has to sell the ‘unwanted’ manor to pay his debts. Enter the new owners. They are two brothers and their wifes, with dubious businesses and contacts. They can use the place for their nefarious businesses and as storage for goods kept away from the eyes of at least two interested police forces. A woman reputed to be a witch forecasts a disaster and a little girl asks one of the brothers too many innocent questions, questions he is unable or unwilling to answer. It has rained for weeks and everywhere is flooding. The surrounding marshes and ground is overwhelmed by water unable to drain away. The manor, built on land close to a disused quarry with a catacomb of old mines beneath its foundations, starts to sink taking with it the lives of so many people.