Death Without Dignity

Death Without Dignity

Author: Joseph Meigs

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781449097134

Category: Fiction

Page: 290

View: 422

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Tyler Davidson has just discovered his colleague, Hugh Disner, dead in the men's room of the building in which they both have offices at a second-tier state university. Tyler immediately becomes a suspect since he has a known history of disdain for Disner and is hounded throughout by a no-nonsense detective named Smockley. He complicates matters by starting a relationship with Disner's widow, Breda. Meanwhile, Tyler fears that he himself might the next murder victim. What develops is the unraveling of the mystery surrounding Disner's death, along with a study in paranoia, one which colors everything Tyler does, from teaching classes, to grading papers in his office or home, to attending committee meetings, and to promoting his novel called DAVIDSON'S HELL (a modernized version of Dante's "Inferno"). Interlaced is a humorous treatment of academia, including pretentious professors, feckless administrators, inept students, and silly traditions. DEATH WITHOUT DIGNITY is sure to keep you laughing while you feel all of Tyler's fear and suspense.