Destinations, Your Ultimate Diary

Destinations, Your Ultimate Diary

Author: Anthony Pan

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 1493544861

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 146

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Destinations, your Ultimate Diary: Welcome to the 1st Time Manageable tool that sets you free, welcome to Destinations, you're Ultimate Diary. Imagine looking ahead in life knowing that you have set golden goals to accomplish and fulfil in a given time. Imagine setting a destination, your destination in a time-frame that you know is possible and imagine that you are now unlocking the door to your success. This Dear Friends is how goals are made. They start on a blank canvas and as you etch your passions and desires in a language that you understand you then need to take action. This is the whole concept of Destinations, your ultimate Diary, it is about taking your allocated 86,400 seconds each day and making them work for you. It is about understanding life and it is about making your life special, enjoyable and eternally happy. It is about getting the job done. It is about casting procrastination aside and letting your abilities carry you to the stardom of your choice. I created Destinations in a way that suited my circumstances some 20 years ago. Today I can safely say that my life and my time is used wisely and profitably. I take 24 hours and make it work for me. I use my Diary as a reference biography of my life on Earth. I can refer to it from time to time and look at ways of improving my abilities each day. My life is about living and about loving. I live to love and I love to live. I set goals and I make them work for me. I achieve want I want to unselfishly achieve and I help others as well. Dear Friends, I want you to take the brave step and purchase your copy of Destinations immediately and take full control of your time. I want you to become an achiever of achievements. I want you to take your mental aspirations and make then work for you. I want you to ascend the apex of your success in an allocated timeframe and live the life that you so deserve. Destinations will help you achieve this. I am the only Author that keeps in touch with his friends throughout the world on a daily basis, and that is only because I care, share and remain fair. I will be beside you each day pushing you forward to make the right decisions in your life. FREE BONUSES: Daily Quotes to Inspire and motivate you, Access to the Anthony's Photo Collection. Access to SOLPRO, a databank of Solutions to Life's common Problems. A daily Inspirational Quote for you to print and keep, Access to The Databank Times, a monthly magazine, access to online Destinations, your ultimate Diary to manage your Time on Earth. 2 Free Inspirational eBooks delivered to your PC annually. Access to weekly Inspirational Videos and Cookery Lessons to stimulate you to do well.