Did the Devil Make Them Do It?

Did the Devil Make Them Do It?

Author: Eddie Johnson

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595095216

Category: Fiction

Page: 130

View: 652

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Four entertaining short stories that show you that anything can happen to a person when in the right place at an unfortunate time. The Tooth Fairy brings an unpleasant surprise to an egotistical, overbearing and selfish company manager. The Helping Hand Company reorganizes an unfaithful and incompetent business owner’s company and life. The Devil Coin is found long after Confucius’ time and inflicts a historical disaster on a metropolitan city. The Handy Man shows a person had better shape up before he is no longer able to change his life or his actions. Something may happen to keep him from doing anything later in life. The author is a retired insurance agent and adjunct professor of Sociology, Psychology, Speech, and Marriage and Family at a local Junior College in Wichita, Kansas.