Don’T Let the Devil Steal Your Joy

Don’T Let the Devil Steal Your Joy

Author: Karen Elizabeth

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781524561079

Category: Religion

Page: 144

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Sadly, too many children are sexually and emotionally abused. Most never know freedom from their past and are instead living self-destructive lives, being robbed of the life and the person they were created to be. This book tells of the journey of a woman who was sexually and emotionally abused for a number of years as a child. This painful journey, with the help of her faith in God and counseling, impacted her life in ways she never imagined. Memories of her childhood led to depression and suicidal thoughts and a greater fear of men. Instead of seeing the man who loved her, she saw the man who hated and hurt her. That and wanting to be with women ended her marriage. Left to raise two young children on her own, memories continued to flood her mind, intensifying hatred for self. She struggled with an eating disorder and used alcohol to block out the nightmares. She was self-harming through cutting became a regular occurrence, while suicidal thoughts occupied her mind. Through Gods strength and relentless love, she persevered, although many times it felt too hard and wanted to give up, she knew God was bigger than what she was going through. Her faith enabled her to overcome fear, guilt, and shame. The devil sought to destroy her life through the lies spoken over her and seeks to do the same in all of us, and there are many areas in which he tries to rob our joy. But Jesus came to give us life, life that abundantly knows healing and freedom from our past through knowing him. This book is written to help the reader know they too can have victory over abuse through God who loves them.