Ezekiel and the World of Deuteronomy

Ezekiel and the World of Deuteronomy

Author: Jason Gile

Publisher: T&T Clark

ISBN: 0567694305

Category: Religion

Page: 272

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Jason Gile argues that the ideas of Deuteronomy influenced Ezekiel's response to the crisis surrounding the fall of Jerusalem and the Babylonian exile in significant ways, shaping how he saw Israel's past history of rebellion against Yahweh, present situation of divine judgment, and future hope of restoration. By examining Ezekiel's use of Deuteronomy's language and concepts, Giles stresses that the prophet not only accepted distinctive elements of Deuteronomic theology but in some cases drew from specific texts. The main body of this volume describes Deuteronomy's influence on Ezekiel under five main categories: Ezekiel's language and conception of idolatry, the rise and fall of Israel in chapter 16, Ezekiel's view of Israel's history in chapter 20, the scattering of Israel as an image for exile, and the related motif of gathering as an image for return to the land. Gile concludes that Ezekiel's use of its language for his messages of indictment, judgment, and hope shows that the prophet regarded Deuteronomy, along with the Holiness Code, as Yahweh's torah given to Israel in the wilderness.