Beautiful Fake Marriage

Beautiful Fake Marriage

Author: Alexa Davis

Publisher: Ownit Publishing LLC

ISBN: 9781386004431

Category: Fiction


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Ryan Maxwell is a professional MMA fighter with a championship at his fingertips. He's a rising star in the fighting world and is so focused on winning that it's the only thing he thinks about. He's almost always training for the next fight. Blaire is an actress, with a cheerful demeanour and an unlikely interest in watching MMA. She takes an immediate liking to Ryan and it doesn't take long for the two of them to start a relationship. Ryan has never met a woman before who is so interested in his fights, and who understands the importance of his training. But Ryan is starting to get headaches that become worse after each fight. And Blaire is getting threatening calls from a stranger. These are not the sort of things any new relationship wants to go through. Can they figure out what is happening? Mostly, can they do it together?