Fingerstyle 101

Fingerstyle 101

Author: Dan Thorpe


ISBN: 9798652800260


Page: 138

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"I needed this book 60 years ago. 20 minutes a day following Dan`s teaching has become a daily pleasure. Any one, young or 80 like me, can use this book with confidence" - Ian Laing Learn how to play guitar with better technique, more confidence and have more fun with just 20 minutes of proper practice per day......even if you believe you have "no ear for music", you "are too old to learn" or you have "no natural talent". Learn 10 of the most FUN, exciting and useful fingerpicking patterns that will allow you to play 1000`s of songs. Discover how to fingerpick your guitar using a simple, step by step method that will help you avoid years of frustration- Learn how to play without pain and no more sore fingers you can actually make music that YOU enjoy. I`m Dan Thorpe, and I`m experienced in teaching struggling beginner adults aged 50+ how to fingerpick properly and have loads more fun on the guitar. In fact, I remember teaching a student called, Mike who struggled for a year trying YouTube lesson - his dog would even run away when he practised! On his first lesson, I addressed these areas in a simple and easy to follow way. I also gave him a specific plan on how to practice to get the most from his playing. Over time Mike started to see little breakthroughs... And eventually, for his 35th wedding anniversary, he performed a fingerpicked version of The Beatles song "I Will", which was his and his wife`s most treasured song. It bought tears to her eyes. Mike now plays his favourite fingerpicking songs with confidence...And the dog no longer runs away when he starts to play! The solution for fingerpicking success, just like Mike`s is to have an easy to follow, simple step by step plan. Fingerstyle 101 (2nd edition) is this guide. Now, a brand new and massively updated version that features a wealth of new techniques, fingerpicking patterns, tips and more (Over 3 times more content) giving you a complete guide to fingerpicking guitar. Learn 10 stunning fingerpicking patterns that you will allow you to be able to play 1000`s of songs. Learn the exact techniques that the pro`s use - such as Paul Simon, James Taylor and many more useHow to play without pain once and for all A 20 minute per day routine to practice these methods How to change chords faster and smoother when fingerpickingDiscover my unique "T.E.S.T. Method" for learning guitar The 7 deadly fingerpicking mistakes and how to fix them Learn how to play "Travis picking", 60`s folk, vintage pop, classical and more A simple fingerpicking exercise that science has proven can reduce your brain age by up to 10 years Over 80 audio examples with notation, tab, audio (normal and slow speeds) and printable TAB pdf A BIG selection of bonuses unavailable anywhere - 100% free "This book represents a gold mine of fingerstyle technique and advice for guitarists of all levels. Buy it." G. Lynch "Dan has done it again! This new, second edition of Fingerstyle 101 is another G.R.E.A.T. book. This is exactly what I, an old fart, need to boost my fingerstyle technique and motivation to practice. - Jim Marshall "The second edition is even better. It has even more practical tips and advice on mistakes to avoid. It is ridiculously good value." Mike B. 5 stars - Amazon Customer - "Another fantastic book by Dan Thorpe. The book is well structured and clear. It speaks to you almost as if Dan is in front of you giving you a lesson. The building blocks soon stack up and you start to see visible results"