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Complementary and Alternative Approaches to Biomedicine
Language: en
Pages: 480
Authors: Edwin L. Cooper, Nobuo Yamaguchi
Categories: Medical
Type: BOOK - Published: 2013-06-29 - Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

WHAT HAPPENED IN KANAZAWA? THE BIRTH OF eCAM This book contains the proceedings of the International Symposium on Complementary and Alternative Medicine, (CAM) which was convened in Kanazawa Japan, November 8-10, 2002. The participants were mainly from Japan, USA, China, France, England, Germany, Taiwan, and India. The world of western
Update on Translational Neuroimmunology - Research of ISNI 2018
Language: en
Authors: Sandra Amor, Fabienne Brilot, David Brown, Judith M. Greer, Marc J. Ruitenberg
Categories: Medical
Type: BOOK - Published: 2020-12-29 - Publisher: Frontiers Media SA

The 14th International Congress of Neuroimmunology, ISNI 2018, was held in August 2018 in Brisbane, Australia, and is a biennial event organized by the International Society of Neuroimmunology (ISNI). The theme of ISNI 2018 was “Travelling the Neuroimmunological Translational Highway”, and the Congress highlighted many research discoveries that bridge the
Diet — Brain Connections
Language: en
Pages: 270
Authors: Mark P. Mattson
Categories: Medical
Type: BOOK - Published: 2012-12-06 - Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

Diet-Brain Connections fills a void between the fields of nutrition, behavior and cellular and molecular neurosciences by providing an integrated collection of articles that critically dissect the link between what we eat and how the brain develops and functions in health and disease. Key topics covered in depth include: -caloric
Guide to Nutritional Supplements
Language: en
Pages: 548
Authors: Mark P. Mattson
Categories: Technology & Engineering
Type: BOOK - Published: 2009-09-02 - Publisher: Academic Press

The rapidly expanding world of nutrition, functional foods and nutraceuticals, is increasingly complex. This Guide to Nutritional Supplements provides a concise and complete reference to the most common nutritionally significant elements. Including dietary guidelines, intake measurements and other contextual information, this Guide is the ideal reference for nutritionsts and dieticians
Soy in Health and Disease Prevention
Language: en
Pages: 328
Authors: Michihiro Sugano
Categories: Health & Fitness
Type: BOOK - Published: 2005-08-29 - Publisher: CRC Press

While the western world has only recently become enamored with the soybean, East Asia has been consuming and enjoying the associated health benefits of this versatile proteinaceous legume for centuries. The Japanese in particular have devoted much energy to unraveling the mysteries and revealing the science of this oil-rich bean.