Hurricane Alvin

Hurricane Alvin

Author: Adam Walters

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595383535

Category: Fiction

Page: 133

View: 193

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A powerful category five hurricane is making its way toward the Florida coast. A small city that lies in the path of the hurricane has been completely abandoned-except for two hospital patients: Alvin, a depressed, stoic young man recuperating from a failed suicide attempt, and Erin, a forgotten, wheelchair-bound young woman in desperate need of medical attention. Alvin must decide whether he will postpone another suicide attempt and endure his unending misery to save Erin. Influenced by her emotional appeal, he reluctantly agrees. With the hurricane scheduled to make landfall in just a few hours, the two set out to find the storm shelter. They brave the intensifying wind and rain from the seats of a tandem bicycle-Alvin pedals from the front while Erin holds on from the back. They travel down the roads of the abandoned city, encountering many obstacles along the way; but, together, they just might survive the storm.