A Search for Purpose

A Search for Purpose

Author: The Prince Sharma

Publisher: Partridge Publishing

ISBN: 9781482888959

Category: Self-Help

Page: 318

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I wrote this book for people who want to know the purpose of life, who want to know the purpose in life, and who want to live a life of exhilaration and abundance. The objective of this book is to collect the traces of truth we find in science, psychology, history, and spirituality and to answer the following three great questions of life: Who are we? What is reality? What are we doing here? The answers will help us understand the purpose of life and give us clarity on our purpose in life. It is necessary to know the truth, or a part of it, instead of following blind ambitions or live aimlessly. On our journey to find the purpose, we will learn the nature of the universe, mind, and life and then dive in to some concepts of metaphysics, which resonates with science. After a decade of research, experiment, introspection, and cognition, I have reasons to believe that we are born with a purpose in life, a legend to manifest. Life has a special meaning for each one of us. Once we realize our purpose, we can not only live a fulfilled and abundant life, but also reach our greatness.