Essential Papers on Object Loss

Essential Papers on Object Loss

Author: Rita V. Frankiel

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 9780814726075

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 547

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This choice collection contains some of the most significant contributions to psychoanalytic and psychological understandingof the effect of object loss on adults and children. Designed for psychoanalysts, psychotherapists and students of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, this important volume focuses on those contributions most directly relevant to the clinical situation, without neglecting fundamental descriptive and theoretical contributions. Rita V. Frankiel has culled the literature on object loss and assembled the most salient and conceptually powerful contributions to the field. Each paper is introduced with a brief summary of its contribution to the development of our understanding of object loss. This valuable resource thus provides the serious student of object loss with a ready source of the most important materials on the subject. Contributors: Karl Abraham, Sol Altschul, John Bowlby, Helene Deutsch, J. Marvin Eisenstadt, George Engel, Joan Fleming, Sigmund Freud, Erna Furman, Robert Furman, Edith Jacobson, Melanie Klein, Paul Lerner, Erich Lindemann, Hans W. Loewald, Marie E. McAnn, George Pollock, Hanna Segal, Chistina Sekaer, Vamik D. Volkan, and Martha Wolfenstein.
The Importance of Fathers
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It is widely acknowledged that children need structure, security, stability and attachment to develop and flourish, and that the father is an important part of this. Issues such as high divorce rates, new family structures, increased mobility, women's liberation and contraception are very common in society. This book sets out
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In this Second Edition of Melanie Klein, Julia Segal uses case studies of Klein's sessions with children to show how she developed her unique form of communication with her clients
The Birth of an Adoptive, Foster Or Stepmother
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Adoptive, foster and stepmothers, like biological mothers, find their lives completely changed by motherhood although they are not always granted the rights and privileges accorded to those who give birth. Barbara Waterman explores the common experiences that are shared by all those who enter the motherhood portal. She highlights the
The Undead Mother
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'A state of mourning is something that the late Twentieth Century has been uniquely unable to achieve. A culture based on the interchangeability of products and people, and a throw-away culture, is not conducive to mourning...Inanimate objects have replaced human ideals. A culture of 'virtual reality' which finds it difficult
Collected Papers
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Tavistock Press was established as a co-operative venture between the Tavistock Institute and Routledge & Kegan Paul (RKP) in the 1950s to produce a series of major contributions across the social sciences. This volume is part of a 2001 reissue of a selection of those important works which have since