Glyphosate, the Real Culprit Behind Gluten Sensitivity

Glyphosate, the Real Culprit Behind Gluten Sensitivity

Author: Dr. Karin C. Holstein

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781524537487

Category: Cooking

Page: 48

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Glyphosate the Real Culprit behind Gluten Sensitivity by Karin C. Holstein PhD Karin C.Holstein, PhD; a health advocate and spokesperson, an entrepreneur and honorary ambassador of the Desert Food Foundation (with an MA in nutrition and a PhD in business ethics); was diagnosed in 2014 with gluten sensitivity. After years of struggling with undiagnosed health issues, she went on a strict gluten-free diet with supplements and has since been able to manage her condition. It prompted her to write this informative investigational book, revealing that not gluten, but glyphosate is the real culprit behind gluten sensitivity. The European Union is still divided over contradictory scientific assessments on whether to ban or to allow the use of glyphosate in the EU. Aisha Dodwell, a food campaigner with Global Justice Now, said, The decision on glyphosate is a critical test of whose interests the EU is acting on. On one side, there are powerful agribusiness companies like Monsanto, whose Roundup weed killer contains glyphosate and accounts for a third of its total sales. And, on the other side, you have over a million citizens from across the EU who have signed petitions saying that they dont want to be exposed to chemicals that are probably causing cancer.
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