Love Without Reason

Love Without Reason

Author: LaRayia Gaston

Publisher: Sounds True

ISBN: 9781683646310

Category: Self-Help

Page: 176

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Activist, documentary filmmaker, and founder of the nonprofit Lunch on Me, LaRayia Gaston offers inspiring and practical guidance for bringing kindness, generosity, and love to a world in need. If the world’s problems feel overwhelming and making a difference seems impossible, you’re not alone. So many of us wish we could be doing something good and purposeful, but we get stuck. We think that what we do won’t matter, or that we’ll do it wrong, or that we don’t have enough time or resources to begin with. But caring about each other is a natural instinct all humans have—what is it doing to our minds, bodies, and souls to ignore this part of our humanity? In Love without Reason: The Lost Art of Giving a F*ck, Gaston shares an inspiring and actionable guide to help us connect with our hearts, reawaken our innate desire to make a difference, and then make that difference in a way that not only helps others but also nourishes our own joy. Through Gaston’s inspiring stories and practical guidance, you will: Dismantle the blocks that stop you from reaching out to your fellow humans—both personal fears and societal obstacles Learn how to help in a good way—a way that’s needed, matches your gifts, and feels uplifting for you and those you serve Create positive energy exchanges—the energy behind how we give is as important as what we give Identify the places you can bring more kindness and caring into the world—to your community, your loved ones, and yourself Reconnect with your natural instincts for empathy and service—and experience the joy that arises when you do Explore a list of dozens of micro-gestures—simple, intentional acts of caring for another person that can be done by anyone, anywhere, at any time Filled with profound heartwork exercises, journaling prompts, and real-world practices, Love Without Reason helps you discover that showing you care—showing you actually give a f*ck—doesn’t have to be difficult and isn’t about sacrifice. It’s about joy, and it’s about love.
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