Mindset Secrets

Mindset Secrets

Author: Joyce Jungers


ISBN: 9798589542363


Page: 80

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This book's main aim is to point out and provide help with the most important areas for you to succeed. This book reveals the few key areas in soccer that make the biggest difference for you to become way better in only a short time. This book details the most important 20% of training to help you get 80%+ of the results in less time. This book discusses how you should view mistakes and the correct actions to take to avoid them in the first place. This book does not cover the technical aspects of soccer such as how to pass the ball, shoot properly, or perform a foot skill. Outcomes of applying the facts in this book: - Use Cristiano Ronaldo's 4 key beliefs to become better than your competition. - Benefit from knowing the mindset that the top 10% have and what mindset to avoid that is holding the other 90% back from accomplishing their dreams. - Effectively use the technique that Alex Morgan does before games to become mentally ready to perform.