Modern Trends and Research in Intermodal Transportation

Modern Trends and Research in Intermodal Transportation

Author: Aleksander Sładkowski

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030871208

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 566

View: 411

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This book presents a specific technical solution, called intermodal transport, which became the basic technological solution that made it possible to provide global interregional transport. Every day, new technical, technological, and organizational solutions appear that significantly affect the further development of this industry. However, there are certain local differences between regions. In addition, an essential factor is the exchange of experience between scientists from different countries. Accordingly, the purpose of this monothematic book is to acquaint readers with the achievements of scientists dealing with this topic and living in different regions. Scientists and specialists from Poland, Germany, Great Britain, USA, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Italy, Kazakhstan, and Lithuania participated in the writing of individual chapters of this book. This book is intended for professionals, teachers, students, and others who are interested in new approaches to solving transport problems.