More Rapid Math: Tricks and Tips

More Rapid Math: Tricks and Tips

Author: Edward H. Julius

Publisher: Wiley

ISBN: 0471122386

Category: Mathematics

Page: 244

View: 384

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Math skills you can count on! In this eagerly awaited sequel to the popular Rapid Math Tricks andTips, Professor Ed Julius shows you how to master difficultproblems in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and divisionquickly, easily?and without a calculator. And have fun while doingit! By learning one to two tricks a day for thirty days, you'll beamazed at the increase in your number power. Discover how you canquickly subtract by oversubtracting. Speed up your calculating withplace-value multiplication. See how to add in seconds by breaking anumber apart. More Rapid Math Tricks and Tips includes: * Step-by-step examples to explain each technique * Over 1,400 sample problems and practice exercises * Challenging "brain builders" to keep you on your toes * Weekly quizzes and a final exam so you can check your progress * Fascinating mathematical curiosities and parlor tricks, such asthe Amazing Age-Divining Trick and the Phenomenal Fifth-Root Trick Whether calculating the total at the supermarket checkout,reconciling a bank statement, or figuring the sales tax on yourlatest purchase, More Rapid Math Tricks and Tips makes working withnumbers fast, fun, and easy. It's a must for math lovers, as wellas students, teachers, and anyone who works with numbers on aregular basis. "Ed Julius has written another engaging book that will definitelyexcite the mind." --Mick Horwitz, Founding Director Sierra CanyonCollege Preparatory School, "The original Rapid Math Tricks and Tips has been a staple in myclassroom for the past four years. The sequel is definitely anotherwinner!" --Laurie Curtis-Abbe, Teacher Anacapa Middle School, aCalifornia/National School of Excellence a U.S. Department ofEducation Blue Ribbon Exemplary School