Murder At Flaxton Isle

Murder At Flaxton Isle

Author: Greg Wilson

Publisher: Carter & Allan


Category: Fiction

Page: 214

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A remote Scottish island plays host to a deadly reunion... It should be a lot of fun, meeting up for a long weekend in a rented lighthouse on a chunk of rock miles from anywhere. There will be drinks and games and all sorts of other amusements. It is ten years since the last get-together and twenty years since Nadia and her friends graduated from university. But not everything goes according to plan. One of the group has a more sinister agenda and, as events begin to spiral out of control, it becomes clear that not everyone will get off the island alive... Keywords: detective murder, british detective mysteries, mystery, detective fiction, detective mysteries, murder mystery, british isles, british mysteries, detective, isle, murder, traditional, british, scotland, scottish island, scotland mystery, scottish mystery, scottish island mystery, flannan isle, mystery of flannan isle, ballad of flannan isle, lighthouse mystery, island mystery, lighthouse murder, lighthouse murder mystery, island murder, island murder mystery, lighthouse whodunnit, lighthouse thriller, lighthouse, island whodunnit, remote island, flaxton isle, hebrides, outer hebrides, inner hebrides, isle of lewis, stornoway, eilean mor, northern lighthouse board, northern lighthouse commission, acetylene lamp, st flannan, lighthouse disappearance, lighthouse keeper, lighthouse keepers, thomas marshall, james ducat, donald macarthur, joseph moore, robert muirhead, lost keepers, lost lighthouse keepers, contemporary mystery, contemporary thriller, contemporary murder, contemporary murder mystery, contemporary mystery story, contemporary murder story, flares, flare gun, semaphore, agatha christie, modern agatha christie, contemporary agatha christie, student reunion, student reunion mystery, students reunion, class reunion, school reunion, school reunion mystery, class reunion mystery, university reunion, university reunion story, university reunion mystery, friends reunion, whodunnit, murder in paradise, death in paradise