My Personal Book Of YAHUWAH

My Personal Book Of YAHUWAH

Author: Glen Wilson

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781462849178

Category: Religion

Page: 589

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"My Personal Book Of YAHUWAH New Testament and Study Guides, are an in dept introduction to discovering the Creator’s Personal Name and His Son’s name with the continuing Study Guide Series. I spent the first forty years of my life in mainstream religion, asking questions, and never being able to receive straight answers to the inconsistencies I found in the Scriptures themselves. In the detailed study guide series, I explain the questions in detail, and the answers I have discovered with the help of a few ministries, and the references for these books. Along with the eight years I have spent working on these books, I expect these personal books of mine to make a lot of people upset with me. As a former Governor once said, “Were fisherman we know that only dead fish “go with the flow.”