Let My People Go

Let My People Go

Author: Patricia C. McKissack

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781481418997

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 144

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"Come join me as I take you back to Charleston, South Carolina, to my father's forge in the early 1800's. Sit with me on the woodpile as he tells a tale of faith, hope, or love." In this extraordinary collection, Charlotte Jefferies and her father Price, a former slave, introduce us to twelve best loved Bible tales, from Genesis to Daniel, and reveal their significance in the lives of African Americans--and indeed of all oppressed peoples. When Charlotte wants to understand the cruel injustices of her time, she turns to her father. Does the powerful slaveholder, Mr. Sam Riley, who seems to own all that surrounds them, also own the sun and moon? she wonders. Price's answer is to tell the story of Creation. How can God allow an evil like slavery to exist? she asks. Price responds by telling the story of the Hebrews' Exodus -- and shows Charlotte that someday their people, too, will be free. With exquisite clarity, Patricia and Fredrick McKissack and James Ransome -- a Newbery Honor winner and all Coretta Scott King Award winners -- brilliantly illuminate the parallels between the stories of the Jews and African-American history. Let My People Go is a triumphant celebration of both the human spirit and the enduring power of story as a source of strength. Our hope is that this book will be like a lighthouse that can guide young readers through good times and bad....The ideas that these ancient stories hold are not for one people, at one time, in one place. They are for all of us, for all times, everywhere. --from the Authors' Note to Let My People Go
Malcolm X Deluxe
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The deluxe eBook edition of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention, includes an interactive map of Harlem as it was in Malcolm's time and over 40 minutes of video: a making-of documentary featuring interviews with Marable's family, graduate students, and editors; clips of author Manning Marable from
I Hear My People Singing
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A vivid, groundbreaking history of the legacies of slavery in an elite Northern town as told by its Black residents I Hear My People Singing shines a light on a small but historic Black neighborhood at the heart of one of the most elite and world-renowned Ivy-League towns—Princeton, New Jersey.
Dance To My Ministry
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Type: BOOK - Published: 2016-10-10 - Publisher: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht

Hip-hop is a deeply spiritual culture, a culture that since its beginnings has provided urban youth all over the world with a sense of place, being and direction, with knowledge of self and knowledge of cultural heritage. By examining a number of rap tunes and graffiti walls, Carl Petter Opsahl
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A man waits for me in the light of the mountaintop. No, not a man. Antlers rise from his head. A tail, like a lion's tail, sweeps the ground behind him. He stands on hooves and his legs are as shaggy as the legs of the bison. His hands are
Sometimes Things Work Out, But Sometimes They Don’t
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Mystery is afoot in the fascinating novel Sometimes Things Work Out But Sometimes They Don’t. Donald Powers, a professor who teaches toxicology and becomes involved in poison cases, uses his genius to get a degree in criminal justice and obtain a private detective license. Don becomes involved in the shooting