Once Upon a Time There Was a Very Slack Wyrm

Once Upon a Time There Was a Very Slack Wyrm

Author: Joshua Wright

Publisher: Slack Wyrm Comics

ISBN: 1796936286

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 130

View: 554

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Here it is - the first glorious collection of Slack Wyrm! Within you'll find his first 100 comics printed all nice and big and lovely. Since his first appearance in 2016, Ferragus Slackwyrm has become somewhat popular with fans all over the world. Now finally here he is on the page. Read Slack Wyrm's initial foray into webcomics, where he was still just simple, shiftless dragon talking to beloved lair-mate, Sir Corpse. Push on into his expanding world as we meet Otho the cunning crow, the enigmatic Duchess Doris, and Paul the gelatinous cube. Also Lizardman is in there somewhere too. And as an exclusive bonus - profiles and power levels of all the characters featured. What is Otho Crow's special attack? What is Duchess Doris special modifier? Find out here! Yes, folks it's Slack Wyrm - the ongoing story of unconcerned dragon in an uncaring world by Australian artist, Josh Wright. Don't you want to read the first book of Slack Wyrm? Of course you do!