Author: Marla Callory

Publisher: Marla Callory, Susy Mason


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 325

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Are you familiar with positive parenting? Do you want to learn effective ways to be more responsible parents? Then, this Positive Parenting is what you need! With Positive Parenting, you can raise your kids by focusing on support and encouragement to teach proper behavior instead of punishments or reprimands in response to their misbehavior. This kind of parenting is useful in building a healthier relationship between you and your kids. Once you practice positive parenting, you will be more consistent, responsive, and sensitive in your interactions with your kids. As a result, your kids will be more motivated, happier, and more optimistic about choosing the behaviors you prefer. If you are having a hard time building a relationship with your kids or approaching your kids' behavior, this book will teach you everything you need to know. Always remember that parenting should not be frustrating but should be filled will fun and love. ★★★This book will give you information about:★★★ The critical elements of positive parenting; the parenting mission; How to help your child grow up happy; Common discipline mistakes; How to connect with your toddler. Whether you are a first-time parent or not, an approach like positive parenting will better your relationship with your kids. Your calmness may be tested during their misbehavior, but there are plenty of ways how you can deal with it positively. Don’t waste time. Get a copy of this book, and improve your parenting decisions!