Preparing Youths for the Workplace

Preparing Youths for the Workplace

Author: Jessie Ee

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789814689489

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 268

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This book is to expose youths, educators, counsellors and parents to the current demands in the workplace and how there is an urgent need to strengthen and develop deep skills and work-related competencies among youths to prepare them for a more self-fulfilling career path. The reader will realise the importance of eradicating some of the work-related myths and recognise that matching of one's interest and passion has greater priority than salary, prestige or expectations of parents. The book will also expose other essential skills necessary in the transition to the job market such as the role of internship and mentors to assist youths to build their confidence as well as some personal social emotional competencies like their ability to be conscious of their thoughts and emotions as they self-manage and self-regulate themselves so that they are always aware of how to use their strengths to engage and relate with others as they make responsible decisions in their career plans or workplace. Contents:Introduction:Preparing for Work, Equipping for the Future (Lim Boon Huat)Why Youths Need to Be Prepared for Work (Eden Liew)Developing Social-Emotional Competencies for Life:Understanding Oneself through Self-Awareness (Jessie Ee)Managing and Regulating Emotions (Jessie Ee)Developing and Promoting Social Awareness (Jessie Ee)Relationship Management (Jessie Ee)Making Responsible Decisions (Jessie Ee)Developing Work-Related Competencies at Home and in School:Knowing Oneself and Career Counselling (Ian Tan & Melvin Chia)Getting the Most out of Industry Internships (Joel Lee)Employability Skills in Career Preparation (Agnes Chang)Networking through Collaborative Learning (Agnes Chang)Building Confidence and Resilience (Esther Tan)Fostering Critical Communication Skills for the Future (Jeffrey Mok)Sharpening Your Resume Writing and Interview Skills (Adelaide Chang)Work Values through Sports (John Tan)Preparing Our Children for Tomorrow's World (Tan Khye Suan)Preparing Future-Ready Students: A Teacher's Perspective (Brian Lui)Nurturing Primary Students for the Real World (Siah Siew Ling & Chiok Hwee Fen)Self-Regulation of AD(H)D Habits (Chelsea Chew)Using Positive Psychology to Help Young Adults with High Functioning Autism Transit to the Workplace (Chelsea Chew) Readership: Students, parents, educators and the general public. Key Features:Currently there is an urgent need to publish this book in Singapore and many of the third world countries so that our youths can be more purpose-driven and not "job-hopping" with no directionThere are also activities in the book that help youths as well as practitioners to build on their skills and competenciesKeywords:Youths;Employers' Expectations;Employability Skills;Social-emotional Competencies;Career Guidance;Resume Writing;Interview Skills;Internship;Communication Skills;Self-regulation