Prince of the Vale

Prince of the Vale

Author: Kelly R. Michaels


ISBN: 9780989468589

Category: Fiction

Page: 374

View: 355

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Caelfel suddenly finds herself facing a dangerous werewolf pack. Brenin, a valiant prince, saves her life after a near fatal encounter with Tarion, the alpha werewolf. As the werewolves continue to terrorize Kanetalm, Caelfel and Prince Brenin work together to try to stop this werewolf menace. Meanwhile, events are unfolding back at home. A new army rises against the Honey Water Empire, threatening everything else Caelfel holds dear. With werewolves infiltrating the Fey Forest and old enemies allying with new ones, it takes all of Caelfel's strength and the help of her new companions to defeat them.