Proof from the Light and Darkness

Proof from the Light and Darkness

Author: Spencer J.

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781449019273

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 350

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This book, "Proof from the Light and Darkness" intends to prove many divine truths to many people. Many will accept it as proof while many will not. The following are seven of such truths this book will prove: 1) God is a living, eternal and a superior being. 2) The soul is a living and unique pattern of energy created by God and should not be confused with the spirit. 3) God is a union of two entities, which were the first souls to exist male and female therefore God can be him or her. 4) God comes to Earth periodically as Christ-incarnate in the body of a man and a woman. 5) Jesus of Nazareth and Mary of Bethany (the Magdalene) were the Christ's two thousand years ago. 6) Spencer John Atkinson and Pamela Theresa Atkinson are the new names and bodies of the same Christ, Jesus and Mary Magdalene. 7) Heaven is a real and eternally joyful place in another dimension of space. These seven topics and more is a result or a chain reaction from the main proof, God has given me; proof that I am the incarnate soul of Jesus of Nazareth and my wife and I are the Christ. Have no fear; this book is not just another book on religion, however, in order to prove Jesus' soul is back incarnate, the King James Bible must be used, not for its Christian theology or religious teachings, instead for its Divine Arrangements (blueprint, map of predictions or prophecies) concerning the return of Jesus Christ. It's time to stop the confusion caused by so many different beliefs by adding common sense, logic, and deductive reasoning, leading to proof that might be realized by all faiths.