The Broken Pyromancer

The Broken Pyromancer

Author: Oskar Soderberg

Publisher: Oskar Soderberg

ISBN: 9789198826128

Category: Fiction

Page: 459

View: 651

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Sarien yearns for a life of adventure, like his father’s. Instead, he’s stuck mucking out stables so the nobles don’t accidentally get dirt on their polished boots. His chance finally presents itself when a whole village’s worth of people suddenly disappears. The noble house’s oldest son needs extra men to hunt for whoever, or whatever, is responsible. Under cover of darkness, a ferocious beast attacks the group. In moments, they’re all on the ground, wounded and helpless. In a moment of desperation, Sarien discovers a swelling spark inside him. A flame dances in the palm of his hand, the flame of a pyromancer! Only, this one is stark white and cold, rather than burning hot. That’s wrong, all wrong. All pyromancers in Eldsprak are under the authority of The Burning Tower of Firemagi, even the broken ones. Sarien is finally getting the adventure he’s craved for so long, but will he burn strong, or smolder away? With otherworldly threats spilling into their world from somewhere beyond, Sarien and his newfound friends could be all that stands between this new threat and complete annihilation. If he doesn’t come into his strange and broken powers, everything might be lost. For fans of fantasy adventures, this book is a must-read! Join Sarien and his friends as they embark on a journey that will test their courage, strength, and loyalty. With high stakes, epic battles, and a dash of magic, this is a story you won't want to miss.