Rituals of the Fratres Lucis

Rituals of the Fratres Lucis

Author: Anonymous

Publisher: Literary Licensing, LLC

ISBN: 1497888034


Page: 52

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This Is A New Release Of The Original 1922 Edition.
Theosophical Enlightenment
Language: en
Pages: 466
Authors: Joscelyn Godwin
Categories: Religion
Type: BOOK - Published: 1994-01-01 - Publisher: SUNY Press

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Alchemically Stoned - The Psychedelic Secret of Freemasonry
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Pages: 194
Authors: P.D. Newman
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P.D. Newman's bold and daring theory provides a radical interpretation of Masonic symbolism. In the tradition of Wasson, Hofmann and Ruck, in ""The Road to Eleusis: Unveiling the Secret of the Mysteries"" (1978), and Heinrich's ""Strange Fruit: Alchemy, Religion, and Magical Foods"" (1995), Newman suggests that practical psychoactive pharmacology, rather
Victorian Occultism and the Making of Modern Magic
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Authors: A. Butler
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The late Victorian period witnessed the remarkable revival of magical practice and belief. Butler examines the individuals, institutions and literature associated with this revival and demonstrates how Victorian occultism provided an alternative to the tightening camps of science and religion in a social environment that nurtured magical beliefs.
The Roots of Modern Magick: An Anthology
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Authors: A. H. Greenfield
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This is an anthology giving glimpses into 300 years of magical spirituality, from 1700 to 2000, with suggestions for the future. The Authentic Magical Tradition is difficult to pin down, but the author has come closer than perhaps anyone in identifying the authentic tradition in the essential roots of magical
The Invisible Master
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Authors: Leo Lyon Zagami
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Leo Zagami's groundbreaking study of aliens and UFOs explores where we come from and which mysterious figures have guided humanity's political and religious choices. From the prophets to the initiates and magicians, all ages have drawn from a common source of ultra-terrestrial and magical knowledge, passed down for millennia. This