Robin Hood and the Archers of Merrie Sherwood

Robin Hood and the Archers of Merrie Sherwood



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Robin Hood
Language: en
Pages: 224
Authors: Stephen Basdeo
Categories: True Crime
Type: BOOK - Published: 2019-05-30 - Publisher: Pen and Sword History

Robin Hood is a national English icon. He is portrayed as a noble robber, who, along with his band of merry men, is said to have stolen from the rich and given to the poor. His story has been reimagined many times throughout the centuries. Readers will be introduced to
Popular Children’s Literature in Britain
Language: en
Pages: 356
Authors: Julia Briggs, Dennis Butts
Categories: Literary Criticism
Type: BOOK - Published: 2016-12-05 - Publisher: Routledge

The astonishing success of J.K. Rowling and other contemporary children's authors has demonstrated how passionately children can commit to the books they love. But this kind of devotion is not new. This timely volume takes up the challenge of assessing the complex interplay of forces that have created the popularity
Playing Robin Hood
Language: en
Pages: 254
Authors: Lois Potter
Categories: Drama
Type: BOOK - Published: 1998 - Publisher: University of Delaware Press

These essays explore the Robin Hood legend in performance from three perspectives: its Tudor social and theatrical context, its adaptations and analogues in other cultures and its later history in theatre and film.
A Gothic Bibliography (Unabridged)
Language: en
Pages: 596
Authors: Montague Summers
Categories: Literary Criticism
Type: BOOK - Published: 2020-03-06 - Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

An important and unique work about Gothic fiction, by"the major anthologist of supernatural and Gothic fiction", Montague Summers.
The Life and Legend of a Rebel Leader: Wat Tyler
Language: en
Pages: 216
Authors: Stephen Basdeo
Categories: History
Type: BOOK - Published: 2018-02-28 - Publisher: Pen and Sword

In 1381, England was on the brink - the poor suffered the effects of war, the Black Death, and Poll Tax. At this time the brave Wat Tyler arose to lead the commoners, forming an army who set off to London to meet with King Richard II and present him