Making Sense of Popular Culture

Making Sense of Popular Culture

Author: Eduardo de Gregorio-Godeo

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781443892643

Category: Social Science

Page: 215

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The study of popular culture has come of age, and is now an area of central concern for the well-established domain of cultural studies. In a context where research in popular culture has become closely intertwined with current debates within cultural studies, this volume provides a selection of recent insights into the study of the popular from cultural studies perspectives. Dealing with issues concerning representation, cultural production and consumption or identity construction, this anthology includes chapters analysing a range of genres, from film, television, fiction, drama and print media to painting, in various contexts through a number of cultural studies-oriented theoretical and methodological orientations. The contributions here specifically focus on a wide variety of issues ranging from the ideological construction of identities in print media to the narratives of the postmodern condition in film and fiction, through investigations into youth, the dialogue between the canon and the popular in Shakespeare, and the so-called topographies of the popular in spatial and visual representation. In exploring the interface between cultural studies and popular culture through a number of significant case studies, this volume will be of interest not only within the fields of cultural studies, but also within media and communication studies, film studies, and gender studies, among others.