Can I Say No?

Can I Say No?

Author: Stefanie Preissner

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781473687905

Category: Humor

Page: 320

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For most of her life, Stefanie Preissner was a people-pleaser. From hair-raising sleepovers and endless offers of cake to unwanted second dates and unrealistic work demands, she said yes to everything - even if it scared her or made her uncomfortable. Until, one day, she realised that her life had become more about agreeing to other people's decisions than making any of her own. What did she want? And how would she figure this out? So Stefanie made a decision: she would start saying no. To everything. Hilarious and honest, Can I Say No? follows Stefanie through managing her fear of disappointing people, the thrill of setting boundaries, and finally coming to understand that she was worth more than the sum of her yeses. But is 'no' always the right answer? And what's the secret to finding the right balance so you can say YES to who you really are? 'What Stefanie captures so beautifully is that our value and worth are not tied to saying yes to everything that's asked of us' Arianna Huffington
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