The Hidden Parchment

The Hidden Parchment

Author: Carole Wéavé Lane

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781479765683

Category: Fiction

Page: 454

View: 873

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The Hidden Parchment is a Fantasy adventure set in two time frames. It is the story of how Birgit de Merlinus, a pawn of the Olde Gods/Goddesses, becomes aware that she is The Seeker, and has been allocated a Quest to pursue. Try as she may, she is unable to extricate herself from the task is forced to accept it after her High Priestess informs her that she has been selected and groomed for the task that began in another time frame when she was known as Princess Brighid, named after the Goddess, daughter of the King Peradur of Dragonia. When Lord Myrddin, Head Merlin of the Earthly Plains and High Steward in the realms of Chrysdragontail visits her father and forces her to return to the Earthly Plains to assist him. As an Enchantress, as yet unknown, does as she is bid her and future changes in such a way that the outcome is yet unresolved in the year 2003 where she has been reborn as Birgit de Merlinus, an orphan and an excellent student with an A+ average. On the day we meet her, she is celebrating her birthday by a walk along the River in Bournemouth UK with her two friends, Cherrie and Brendan. What commences as something pleasant becomes a nightmare of experiences that change her forever. Several large Ravens await her and under the instructions of the Mother Goddess, awaken her to her Destiny. From this time forth she undergoes dreams of such a horrific nature that she struggles to maintain her sense of who she is. As a trainee Witch, with the help of her high Priestess the Lady Moonfeather the Third, who initiates her, she jumps from one adventure to another. She finds that she not only can communicate with these ancient forces that she possesses the gift of the Dragon, the gift of fire, that if provoked can rise unaided and, that she can project it through her fingertips. In time, as she struggles in the two worlds that she resides in, her concentration lapses and she struggles to be a good student and receives very damaging marks that will deny her entrance to Oxford where her parents were Professors in the Archeology Department. As such, upon receiving a letter, as predicted by the High Priestess that she will be embarking upon a short trip, an Aunt of her deceased mother asks to visit with them. As she is feeling poorly, she accepts and, her Professor allows her to write two further essays that if she receives two A+ pluses he will reinstate her excellent credibility. Thus, we leave Birgit as she boards a plane to Melbourne.