Signature of Controversy

Signature of Controversy

Author: David Klinghoffer

Publisher: Discovery Inst

ISBN: 0979014182

Category: Religion

Page: 143

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Signature of Controversy is a response to the 2009 bestseller Signature in the Cell by Stephen C. Meyer, a book recognized as establishing one of the strongest pillars underlying the argument for intelligent design. To call Signature in the Cell important is an understatement. The critical response that followed the publication of Stephen Meyer's book was fascinating, but the fact is that few—if any—of the critics really grappled with the crux of Meyer's argument or with the substance of intelligent-design theory. This is remarkable and telling. In Signature of Controversy, defenders of intelligent design analyze the hostile response using the critics' own writings. Edited by David Klinghoffer and including essays by David Berlinski, Casey Luskin, Stephen C. Meyer, Paul Nelson, Jay Richards and Richard Sternberg.