Contact Spaces of American Culture

Contact Spaces of American Culture

Author: Petra Eckhard

Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster

ISBN: 9783643504340

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 265

View: 267

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What do tent cities, basketball courts, slave ships, and Facebook have in common? They are spaces of American culture where an idea of 'Americanness' emerges through a concrete form of contact on the one hand and through its mediated representation on the other. This collection of essays examines these contact spaces - and their myriad and complex configurations of culture - along a spatial axis, highlighting the interconnectedness of the local and the global in concrete spaces of American culture, both inside and outside the US, and from the world wide web. One line of inquiry studies metaphors of contact, the other one reads media texts as contact spaces and investigates the role of mediation. (Series: American Studies in Austria - Vol. 12)
Language Policy and the New Speaker Challenge
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Analyses the current state of minority language policy in Western Europe and provides comprehensive, evidence-based policy recommendations.
Economies of Signs and Space
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This is a novel account of social change that supplants conventional understandings of `society' and presents a sociology that takes as its main unit of analysis flows through time and across space. Developing a comparative analysis of the UK and US, the new Germany and Japan, Lash and Urry show
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In Contact
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Loren's In Contact offers a fascinating synthesis of current knowledge of the contact period between Europeans and Native peoples in the American Eastern woodlands.
Societies and Spaces in Contact
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Authors: Milan Bufon, Tove H. Malloy, Colin Williams
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This volume speaks to the inter-disciplinary issues related to divergence and convergence processes and situations in contact regions, offering fresh and innovative insights from the crucial Central-Eastern European area where conflict and coexistence potentials seem to best represent the "unity in diversity" managing dilemma on the continent...