Stability Analysis and State Estimation of Memristive Neural Networks

Stability Analysis and State Estimation of Memristive Neural Networks

Author: Hongjian Liu

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781000415001

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 234

View: 417

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In this book, the stability analysis and estimator design problems are discussed for delayed discrete-time memristive neural networks. In each chapter, the analysis problems are firstly considered, where the stability, synchronization and other performances (e.g., robustness, disturbances attenuation level) are investigated within a unified theoretical framework. In this stage, some novel notions are put forward to reflect the engineering practice. Then, the estimator design issues are discussed where sufficient conditions are derived to ensure the existence of the desired estimators with guaranteed performances. Finally, the theories and techniques developed in previous parts are applied to deal with some issues in several emerging research areas. The book Unifies existing and emerging concepts concerning delayed discrete memristive neural networks with an emphasis on a variety of network-induced phenomena Captures recent advances of theories, techniques, and applications of delayed discrete memristive neural networks from a network-oriented perspective Provides a series of latest results in two popular yet interrelated areas, stability analysis and state estimation of neural networks Exploits a unified framework for analysis and synthesis by designing new tools and techniques in combination with conventional theories of systems science, control engineering and signal processing Gives simulation examples in each chapter to reflect the engineering practice