Strength Beyond Cancer

Strength Beyond Cancer

Author: Nardeane Ahmed


ISBN: 0228880254


Page: 142

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When she first heard the heart-halting words: "You have breast cancer," Nardeane was devastated. She couldn't wake up from this nightmare of a reality no matter how long she waited or how hard she tried. With an overwhelming flux of emotions, she spent the first ten months of her journey in utter loneliness, suffering, and pain, both emotionally and physically. Facing cancer was an uphill battle, to say the least. Staying hopeful required unparalleled patience and discipline. In spite of the hardship and mired in her emotions, she developed the maturity and strength that transformed her into a resilient woman, accepting and embracing the illness and all its suffering. Her diagnosis changed her life forever, giving her the chance to see it in a new light. This book is for everyone who finds themselves in this situation and for all who have a friend or loved one who has been diagnosed with cancer. It is a story about finding hope and facing adversity with strength and grace, a showcase of how we can be braver than we had ever imagined. It is about believing in ourselves in the fight against this malady. It is about not giving up and not backing down.