Keto Mediterranean

Keto Mediterranean

Author: Susan Zeppieri

Publisher: Susan Zeppieri


Category: Cooking

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Keto Mediterranean , outlines the latest evolution of the popular keto diet—clean keto! Clean keto prioritizes good health with fresh meats and organic produce. You will lose weight just like you would on the old keto diet—you just don’t have to sacrifice your health to do it. Greek clean keto is a riff on the Mediterranean food lifestyle proposed by Greek nutritionist Apollonas Kapsalis and his wife Roberta. Regular keto diets, sometimes called dirty keto, only focus on meeting diet macros—the ratio of fats, proteins, and carbs. That’s why standard keto is called dirty keto. There’s no concern about the quality of foods you should eat. Fast food and processed meats that are loaded with chemicals, sodium, and potential carcinogens are on the menu! Those types of foods put us at risk of diseases, from heart attack to stroke to Type 2 diabetes, even cancer. People who are overweight or obese tend to make poor food choices. Why would anyone propose a diet plan that continues them? Greek clean keto is the alternative. Learn what to eat, where to buy, and what to avoid when you shop. There’s a how-to on starting the plan, broken out for keto beginners and people rejecting dirty keto. The book is informative and easy to read, covering a variety of diet and health related topics. Author Susan Zeppieri is a well known nutritionist who researches diet plans and their health benefits. “The focus on disease prevention, organic ingredients and adherence to Mediterranean cuisine is a positive step up for ketogenic diets,” says Zeppieri. If you want to lose weight safely on a low carb diet, “Greeks Go Keto Mediterranean” is the book you’ve been looking for. Eat well, lose weight, live healthy. This book is not a recipe book! It’s a quick and easy guide on how to get started on Greek Keto!