The Acupuncture Points Functions Colouring Book
Language: en
Pages: 96
Authors: Rainy Hutchinson
Type: BOOK - Published: 2015-06-15 - Publisher: Singing Dragon

Learn the functions of acupuncture points by colouring and doodling your way through the sequence of images on the twelve primary and eight extra channels. Imaginative illustrations will help students from a wide range of schools and traditions to remember point names, with handy text providing a quick cross reference
The Acupuncture Point Functions Charts and Workbook
Language: en
Pages: 64
Authors: Erica Siegel
Categories: Medical
Type: BOOK - Published: 2019-04-18 - Publisher: Singing Dragon

A straightforward learning resource, covering the different acupuncture points in the body and their functions. Perfect for visuals learners, it shows the primary meridians, extraordinary meridians and known extra points, in an easy to understand format with blank charts for students to make their own notes.
The Acupuncturist's Guide to Conventional Medicine, Second Edition
Language: en
Pages: 848
Authors: Clare Stephenson
Categories: Medical
Type: BOOK - Published: 2017-04-21 - Publisher: Singing Dragon

Offering a systematic comparative approach to Western and Eastern medicine, this unique textbook enables students and practitioners of Chinese medicine to develop a core understanding of conventional medical language and treatments. Acupuncture practitioners increasingly find themselves working alongside Western healthcare professionals. Now in its second edition, this book is a
Acupuncture for Babies, Children and Teenagers
Language: en
Pages: 760
Authors: Rebecca Avern
Categories: Medical
Type: BOOK - Published: 2018-09-21 - Publisher: Singing Dragon

This colour textbook is a comprehensive guide to diagnosis and treatment in paediatric acupuncture. Ill health related to modern lifestyles is discussed, as is the role of family dynamics in childhood disease. Rebecca Avern examines treatment of children from both a TCM and a Five Element perspective. Throughout, she highlights
The Fundamentals of Acupuncture
Language: en
Pages: 750
Authors: Nigel Ching
Categories: Medical
Type: BOOK - Published: 2016-09-21 - Publisher: Singing Dragon

This accessible textbook clearly explains the basic foundations and principles of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. With over 70 illustrations, it covers the theories of yin and yang, the five phases, the physiology of the body, the internal organs, the channel system, acupuncture point categories, the point functions and indications, needling